Welcome to our Myler Bits. The Secret's in the System. Created to effectively communicate with your horse. We are now offering ALL
Myler English and Western Bits including Neil Merrill, Pat Parelli, Lynn McKensie, Black Steel with Dots and Myler Bit Accessories
for purchase or rent. We have also added a section specifically for the USDF and FEI approved Dressage legal Myler bits.
We have proudly participated in Myler's Bit Rental program since its inception and our Bit Rental program is among the least expensive
with no additional hidden fees. See below how our Bit Rental Program works. If you should have any questions or concerns about
the purchase or rental of a bit please contact us at customerservice@horse-rider-etc.com or by phone at 724-676-5465 during regular business
hours and we will be happy to help you.

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Myler Bits - Myler Bits are also available to Rent
Myler English Bits, Myler Western Bits, Neil Merrill, Lynn McKensie, Parelli, Black Steel with Dots

"Myler Bits to Rent"
Myler Rent a Bit Program

Money back guarantee!

Here is how it works.

Select the bit you wish to rent. We will allow you approximately 3 weeks to try the bit. A return date will be noted on your receipt. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results simply return your bit and we will credit you back everything but a our small $5.00 Rental Fee.

YOU PAY NOTHING EXTRA, just our low everyday price plus shipping.


Western Style English Style
Myler Flat Shanks Myler Eggbutt
Myler "C" Sleeves Myler Eggbutt with Hooks
Myler Western Dees Myler English Dees
Myler HBT Shanks Myler English Dees with Hooks
Myler Long Shank Combination Bits Myler Full Cheeks
Myler 2-Ring Combination Bits Myler Bauchers
Myler 3-Ring Combination Bits Myler Loose Rings
Myler Seven Shanks and Cavalry Myler Pelhams
Myler Black Steel Western Dees Myler Kimberwicks
Myler Black Steel Seven Shanks Myler Liverpools, Driving Bits, Half Cheeks
Myler Western Dees with Hooks  
Myler Neil Merrill Bits  
Myler Parelli Bits  
Myler Lynn McKenzie Series  

Bits returned after the due date and|or without the Original Myler Bit tags will be assessed a 10% restocking fee.

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