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Himalayn Salt Lamps, Tea Lights
Salt Licks for Horses

Himalayn Natural Salt Crystal Lamp.

These Himalayn salt lamps are made from 250 million year old salt crystals that come from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Hand cut so no two are ever the same. They come with a
cord. The colors range from red, orange, apricot, peach and pink, depending on the mineral content.

Crystal salt lamps and tea lights refreshes the air, much like a thunder storm. During a storm nature creates negative ions. The salt lamps also creates negative ions. All electronic devices pollute air by omitting positive ions. When the air is polluted with positive ions, it has been shown to effect how tired we feel, also has an effect on allergies, blood pressure asthme. These lamps should be used in every room in your house and office to remove the positive ions. You will have more energy and your general well being.

Sizes are:
Small - 4 to 6 pounds
Medium - 8 to 10 pounds
Large - 12 to 15 pounds